To request the use of new software or another license for a current software please submit a ticket here




Quickbooks Desktop

This is the company's accounting software used to keep track of income and expenses. 


Microsoft Office Suite

The company actively uses Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint. If you are using a mac please note that all your files submitted to your team or outside the company must be within these Office.


This is a graphics design software used to manipulate images. We primarily use it to adjust our key art or create advertising materials.


This is the company’s firewall / virus protection software.




This is a database system that is used to manage the company’s Distribution Release Schedule



Zoho is an online tool that offers multiple apps for companies to use for things related to organization, management, etc. The active apps currently approved for use are:  


Zoho CRM

This is the online CRM HOP uses for all client and film contact data.


Zoho Creator

This is a series of executive software solutions including IT Asset Tracker, Travel Management, and HR Apps.

Zoho Sign

This is an online Electronic Signature service that allows us to sign or countersign an

agreement or document of any kind.


Zoho Work Drive

This is a similar system to Dropbox. The company currently uses this to house all of our company files and folders.


Zoho Vault

This is where all passwords for the company accounts are kept. Each users account has its own list of passwords that they can keep private or share with their team. You are required at all times to share all company relates passwords with management’s accounts.


Zoho Cliq

A cloud-based messaging system allowing company employees to communicate with each other over Instant Message.



While we still utilize Dropbox for a few of management's general files, Zoho Work Drive has since replaced it. It is an online storage database that can hold thousands of files.


Free Fax

Free service allows you to send faxes up to 3-pages 5x a day

Google Drive

While this is not a licensed software, it is also used in conjunction with Microsoft Office. Currently we use Google Sheets, Docs and Presentations, however, it is used primarily for internal use and any sharing of docs or files must be first approved by management. NOTE: Google Drive houses this software but also acts as another storage option for your own company documents you create on this platform. 


This is the service we use to onboard new employees. 


This is the back end system HOP uses to run the HOP Catalog. It is used to update the titles offered in the catalog, etc. (



This is HOP’s CRM that is used to keep track of the sales being made in the company. It also keeps track of buyer data and general sales related information. (



This is the platform that hosts our website (


Yet Another MailMerge

This is a Chrome App that allows us to send mass emails directly from our work inboxes rather than Mailchimp to give the impression of a “real email”. (



This is an online scheduling platform we use for events such as AFM, Cannes, etc. to set meetings with our buyers. 



This is HOP’s rights management software we use to keep track of the rights we have of each film within our library.





Reservation system for booking hotel alternative stays.


Amazon Prime Business Account

This is the service we use when ordering office supplies or snacks and drinks for the office. 



This is the industry’s social network where we list our company’s films that are available as well as look up other buyer’s info and other agency’s info such as their employees and executives.

Screener Generator (The Library)

This is HOPs proprietary system it created in house to “house” all of our screener and trailer links as well as general information about each title that the buyer should be aware of.

This is an online resource created by IFTA (an industry-wide self regulating membership service) that gives buyers the opportunity to review films that are upcoming or available in the market. We update this and Cinando ongoing as well as before markets.


This is the company’s E-Mail Service. No other services are permitted at this time.


Google Admin

A central place to manage your G Suite services. Sign in to the Google Admin console to manage user accounts, configure administrator settings for your G Suite services, monitor G Suite usage in your domain, create groups, and more


This is the website we purchase all URLs from as well as store them. 

Google Chrome

This is the internet service provider we use exclusively within the company. Firefox and other services are not approved and may not be used without permission from management.


Amazon Seller Central

This is a service we use to sell DVDs.


Amazon Prime Video Partnership

This is a service we use to manage and sell the film's we distribute directly to consumers via Video on Demand on Amazon

Amazon Kindle Publishing

This is a service we use to sell books that we publish. We also use these other websites for book publishing services: 

  • Book Baby

  • Kobo

  • iTunes Books

  • Barns & Noble Online



This is the online dashboard we access to view the sales stats of our film's that have been placed on certain platforms HOP does not have direct accounts with such as iTunes Video, Google Play, etc. by Juice directly. 

This is the online dashboard to review 

Adrise (Tubi)

This is the online dashboard we access to view the sales stats of our film's that have been placed on the platform, TUBI.



This is the video service we use to host our screeners and sometimes our trailers. It allows for

password protection and easy link access. This is also another platform we sometimes will list our films on for direct to consumer distribution. 



This is the Internet Movie Database and is what the company uses to keep track of films in the market as well as the titles we release. It contains tons of details about all films. The company does NOT use, just



This is the mass email blast system the company uses to send out our sales emails and holiday or general announcements to our email list of buyers and clients.


Online HOP Catalog

This is the online catalog that HOP offers to its buyers so they can review the avails in our library of films. It’s a proprietary system that was created by HOP exclusively.

This is the car rental website we use when booking rental cars for travel.



This is an outsourcing service we use when trying to find outside help with things related to data entry, etc.